Wednesday, 6 July 2011

About What ?

Assalamualaikum !

winkwink - heyhey . . tadi at sekolah afie terbaca majalah klik edisi julai 2011 yang kawan afie punya . . afie ada terbaca satu artikel nie . . afie tertarik dengan artikel tu . . but afie dah tak ingat pages berapa . . hehehe . .


is this love ?
i never know that i will hurt me so bad
love makes me wanna cry
love makes me sick
love makes me laugh
i want you to know
love is not a game
give me a break
just leave me alone !


i'm impressed by you
where is the love
gotta get it
but tonight is not the right time
i just can't get enough
i really wanna have it
money can't buy my heart
keeping on dreaming
you are my demon
please help me out
get out of my sight !


when i see you laughing
i fell that i'm the happiest
person is this world
there is nothing left to say
please don't hate tomorrow

you always my priority
if i can see the future
i will make you mine
i know we will find out
happiness together !

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